Nursing Informatics

Self Study Question – Informatics Nurse: What does this position mean? Part 2

***This is only my self study reading notes. If you are thinking about the same question, you might take a peek… ***

Resources are based on the Scope and Standards of Practice: Nursing Informatics (2nd ed.)

Standards of Practice for Nursing Informatics

– Standard 2. Diagnosis, problems, and issues (Analyzes assessment data to identify diagnoses, problems, issues, and opportunities for improvement )

Similar to nursing practice, practice for nursing informatics also require problem solving and decision making. During nursing process, nurses recognize / identify if there’s a problem to be solved from assessment data collected, and then, nurses pull information from knowledge learned and stored that is related to the identified problem/ issues/ diagnosis, to create a plan of intervention to help restore and maintain patient’s health.

As mentioned above, nurses tend to draw plan of action based on experiences, and sometimes, nurses may face situations that never happened before in which he or she has no experience to draw.  Therefore, software with decision support programs, with collected data input, perform support regarding problem identification, further, it will help exploration of data, draw pattern discovery from program and eventually knowledge deployment into new data and knowledge. That’s why it is beneficial for implementing healthcare software into healthcare practice to support nursing practice.


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