Nature: Butterflies and Moths

The Monarch 帝王蝶 (Family Danaida)

Lord of the far skies, wide-ranger, mogrator in endless millions, evil-tasting king of the butterflies, so is the Monarch. Even the islands of the south seas, even isolated Australia, and mysterious Nee Guinea, know the Monarch. The bad taste he has that causes birds to shun him has allowed him to proudly spread his wings unchallenged across the hemispheres. Lesser butterflies, notably the Viceroy have sought to copy his regal beauty for protection. The Monarch’s larger size, his bright red brown coloring and his more numerous white spots, distinguish him from the rival.

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Hospice & Palliative Care

Learning about Hospice Care as Naive: the Hospice Medicare Benefit (Reading & Sharing)

This is an X year old man/woman with the hospice diagnosis of Y, and comorbidities of Z. … …

The Hospice Medicare Benefit covers services from doctors, nurses, nurse practitioners, nurses’ aides, therapists, social workers, chaplains, and volunteers. Medical equipment, supplies, and medications that are related to the terminal illness are also covered. Respite care is available in an inpatient facility for up to 5 days each month.



Resource: Fast Facts for the Hospice (2017)

Hospice & Palliative Care

Learning about Hospice Care as Naive (Reading & Sharing)

This is an X year old man/woman with the hospice diagnosis of Y, and comorbidities of Z. … …

Hospice care is a specialized care specifically tailored to terminally ill patients, who no longer receive curative treatments but aim at providing symptom management for patients with terminal illnesses and support for their families. Hospice patients can receive the Medicare hospice benefit. End-of-life concerns are addressed in a holistic manner, in which patients receive skilled palliative care intervention, and as in hospice settings, the patient and family are considered to be the unit of care. Hospice care can be delivered in the patient’s home, an inpatient hospice unit, a long-term care facility, or other settings. Bereavement services are provided for up to 1 year after the death of the patient.

Resource: Fast Facts for the Hospice (2017)

Helen Steiner Rice (Read & Share)

A Sure Way to a Happy Day

Happiness is something

we create in our mind,

It’s not something you search for

and so seldom find–

It’s just waking up

and beginning the day

By counting our blessings

and kneeling to pray–

It’s giving up thoughts

that breed discontent

And accepting what comes

as a “gift heaven-sent”–

It’s giving up wishing

for things we have not

And making the best of

whatever we’ve got–

It’s knowing that life

is determined for us,

And pursuing out tasks

without fret, fume, or fuss–

For it’s by completing

what God gives us to do

That we find real contentment

and happiness, too.

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