All Kinds of Mothers- Happy Mother’s Day

@ 1969 By Cecily Brownstone

There are all kinds of mothers in the world.

They come in different shapes and sizes.

Some mothers are tall.

Some mothers are short.

Some mothers are nice and roly-poly.

Some mothers are nice and slim.

And some mothers are soft and furry.

Does your mother feel nice and roly-poly? nice and slim? Which mother is soft and furry?

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Husband and Wife “I’ll stay with you!”

William and Mary were crossing a railroad track some years ago when Mary’s foot slipped and became wedged between the rail and a wooden crosswalk. Frantically she tried to get loose as a train approached around the curve. Her husband attempted to free her. As the express came closer with its brakes screeching. Mary realized it couldn’t stop in time. “Leave me, Bill! Leave me!” she cried.

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