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Giving a Free Health Care Advice as a Nurse / Reading and Sharing

“You are a nurse, what does this look like to you?” “I don’t have time to visit my doctor, as a nurse, what do you think about this … ?”

Many time, we are asked something similar like questions above, from friends, family, and pt’s caregivers. But be cautious, because although you were not working as a nurse at the point of time and you did not receive compensation for your advice, you can be sued for giving inappropriate advice.

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Bipolar Disorder / Reading and Sharing

Bipolar disorder is a complex brain disorder in which moods range from periods of mania followed by episodes of depression (Ferri, 2018). Unfortunately, the management of the disease has no specific combination of psychosocial and medication regime that works well for everyone’s mood instability. So, therefore, the right combination to manage a particular patient’s mood instability takes time and can change over time due to the patient’s noncompliance with medication and frustration with treatment.

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Anxiety / Reading and Sharing

Anxiety can be normal from time to time, but excessive ongoing anxiety and worry that someone might have difficulty in controlling and interfere with day-to-day activities may be a sign of generalized anxiety disorder (Mayo Clinic Staff, 2018, p. 1). This disease is a chronic condition with exacerbations and suicide risk is higher than in the general population.


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