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Do You Know The First Success Blood Transfusion was from lamb to a Boy in 1667?

For centuries, doctors tried to save patients’ lives by blood transfusion:

1667: French doctor Jean Denys, carries out the first blood transfusion from a lamb to a boy. The boy survives.
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Creating My Medical Family Tree

In my recent nursing class, I learned about genogram tree, and I learned how to create one of my own. In fact, all chronic disease, including asthma, rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis, heart disease, diabetes, cancer, and etc. have a hereditary component, therefore, via creating my medical family tree, perhaps, I can find out if I carry the gene for a particular disease. ??? Is that good or bad? I have it now, or I will have it later? It will be preventable, treatable, or curable?

Nowaday, we can find out if we carry certain type of gene for particular disease via a blood test. Very interesting, but…. Therefore, although I am not yet diagnosed, I am “prediabetes”, “prehypertensive”, “pre-……”, “pre-……”, “pre-……”, and etc….

What do you think?


Time Management vs. Managing Time

Most of us are so used to living by the calendar and clock, however, do you know that the modern clock wasn’t invented until the sixteenth century? Without clocks, our ancestors experienced time as a series of natural moments. Therefore, we might start questioning, how can our ancestors to manage their time in order to not go pass the deadlines?

I think, think, and re-think. … Our ancestors acknowledged their environment, and by doing so aware of the time of the year and the time of the day.  There was time awareness. I suddenly realized time management is not managing time, it is not about being more efficiently but more effectively. It is about to slow down and focus: do one thing at a time by giving full attention to that one thing.