The Wolf and The Crane – Aesop’s Fables (when working for a tyrant, feel lucky to escape alive/ expect no reward for serving the wicked, and be thankful if you escape injury for your pains/ some characters have no sense of obligation)

A huge and hungry wolf called out

With many a tortured howl and shout –

A bone was stuck inside his throat.

“Whatever beast or bird,” he cried,

“May jerk it loose, will be supplied

With a reward of note!”

Them came a crane, with great, long bill,

And thrust it, with a ready will,

Down in the wolf’s maw, straight and deep.

Prying the bone away, he said,

“Except for me, you’d soon be dead!

What prize, sir, do I reap?”

“Prize?” growled the wolf. “It should suffice

You’ve done what none accomplish twice,

To come between my jaws, yet live!”

The crane, his wakening rather rube,

Saw that the strong, for gratitude,

May have but wind to give.

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