THE WOLF IN SHEEP’S CLOTHING- AESOP’S FABLES (seek to harm and harm shall find you)

A wolf for days had sought in vain

A satisfying meal.

No longer could he get a taste

Of either lamb or veal.

The sheep and calves, on his approach,

Would swiftly take to heel.


“Also, it is my shaggy cost

That warms tgem,” grumbled he.

And so a sheepskin from a farm

He stole with artful glee,

And slipped inside- a masquerade

Through which but few could see.


The sheep, still nibbling unconcerned,

Mistook him for their kin.

So many a hearty mutton feast

That daring fraud took in.

For only those can know their foes

Who look beneath the skin.

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