The Mice and the Cat – AESOP’S FABLES (do not put yourself at the mercy of a known enemy)

A conference of many mice

Once in a basement sat,

To try to fashion some device

Against their foe the cat.


“Good people, it is all too clear,”

One mouse made bold to say,

“If we could know when puss was near,

She’d seek some other prey.


“So I’ve a plan to mark her trail.

Think! If we placed a bell

Around her neck, it could not fail

To warn us soon and well!”


The listeners only squealed and stared

To hear this brave suggestion.

And then a gray old mouse declared,

“I want to ask a question!


“Just who, my friend, will bell the cat? –

The silence was complete.

To vanquish wolves by words, a gnat

Would find an easy feat.

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