THE LION, THE FOX AND THE JACKAL – AESOP’S FABLES (learn from the misfortunes of others)

The lion, fox and jackal went

          Upon a hunting spree.

And in their bag they caught a stag

Quite large enough for three.

“Divide it in four equal parts!”

Bellowed the King of Beats.

His friends complied, and gladly eyed

Their hope of hearty feasts.


“And now one quarter’s mine as king!”

The forest monarch roared.

“I’ve led you forth, so one more fourth

Will be my just reward.


“One quarter, too, is mine for skill.

Also the last, I say” –

He bared his claws – “is mine because

I order it that way!”


Sadly the jackal and the fox

Went home without their sinner.

The weak, ere long, who serve the strong

Will wiser grow, and thinner.

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