All Kinds of Mothers- Happy Mother’s Day

@ 1969 By Cecily Brownstone

There are all kinds of mothers in the world.

They come in different shapes and sizes.

Some mothers are tall.

Some mothers are short.

Some mothers are nice and roly-poly.

Some mothers are nice and slim.

And some mothers are soft and furry.

Does your mother feel nice and roly-poly? nice and slim? Which mother is soft and furry?

Mothers come in different colors.

Some mothers are light.

Some mothers are dark.

Some mothers like to sit in the sun and toast.

Some mothers have short hair.

Some mothers have long hair.

Some mothers have curlytops … like little lambs.

Some mothers’ hair is absolutely straight … like ponytails.

Some mothers have wavy hair … like the ocean.

Is your mother’s hair … short? long? curly? absolutely straight? wavy like the ocean?

All mothers wish their children would behave most of the time. But even when children are naughty and do things their mothers don’t like, mothers keep right on loving them.

Some mothers really like to cook.

They cook miles and miles of spaghetti and loads and loads of meatballs.

Some mothers are short-order cooks.

They bake cakes out of boxes and heat up TV dinners.

Does your mother ever give you … spaghetti? meat balls? chocolate? cake? popcorn? ice cream? spinach? carrots? soup? apples?

There are noisy mothers and quiet mothers.

Noisy mothers talk in a big loud voice.

Sometimes they make funny, noisy things happen.

Quiet mothers talk in a small quiet voice.

Both noisy mothers and quiet mothers talk in a very special voice when they tell you a secret.

Sometimes children whisper secrets to their mothers.

Do you have a secret to whisper?

Some mothers are neat and tidy.

They usually want toys to be straightened up.

Some mothers are a little messy.

They don’t mind if sometimes toys are in a jumble.

All mothers like children to put toys away all by themselves.

But sometimes mothers say, “Come on, I’ll help you put your toys away.”

Where do you like to put your toys away … on shelves? in a nutshell? in drawers? in a box? in a closet? in a wagon? in an old sneaker? in a teacup?

Some mothers talk a long long time on the telephone.

Children get tired of waiting for mothers while they talk and talk and talk …

Some mothers call the butcher to say, “Send me some meat,”

the grocer to say, “Send me some honey,”

the department store to say, “Send me some tiny little candles for my child’s great big birthday cake!”

Some mothers like to go places.

They take their children to a farm to see the chickens scratch, watch the ducks waddle, hear the turkeys gobble.

Some mothers like to go for walks.

They wait while their children stop to watch the fire engine zoom, pick up a pebble, turn over a stone, or jump down one step.

Would you like your mother to take you to a … supermarket? chocolate factory? farm? playground? picnic? firehouse? beach?

Some mothers take their children to the zoo to hear the seals bark.

Some mothers stay at home and work.

They cook, do the dishes, vacuum the house, wash and iron.

Sometimes they do a little carpentering, sewing, or typing.

Sometimes they practice dancing or music playing, or they paint pictures or make sculptures.

Sometimes their children help them.

Some mothers go to work almost every day.

They come home in the afternoon or at suppertime.

They work in bakeries, canneries, factories, groceries, laboratories … beautoriums, eatoriums, emporiums … schools, offices, libraries, and some other places. …

Some mothers doze the winter away.

Some mothers are sleepyheads.

In the morning they open one eye and says, “Tell Daddy to give you breakfast.”

Some mothers like to get up early.

They jump right out of bed, get dressed, put the cereal in the bowl, put the bread in the toaster, cook the eggs and bacon, get out the jam and jelly and peanut butter, make the pancakes and say, “Let’s all have a good breakfast.

Are you ever a sleepyhead?

All mothers like to tuck their children in at bedtime.

Some mothers say, “Sweat dreams!”

Some mothers say, “See you tomorrow!”

Would you like to tuck your mother in?

Some mothers love a great many people,

some mother love just a few.

But no matter how many people or how few people your mother loves,

she has pitchers and pitchers

and PITCHERS of love

just for YOU.

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