The Eyes

No scientific instrument is as sensitive to the light as a person’s eye. And in the dark, its sensitivity increases 100,000 times; one can detect a faint glow, less than a thousandth as bright as a candle’s flame. He can see light from the stars, and the nearest of all stars is 25 billion miles away!

Automatically, the muscles of the eye relax so that the lens is small and thick for distant viewing or they stretch the lens to bring into focus. No wonder the eye was the original model for cameras.

Moreover, the reason a person doesn’t spit in his own eye is because of his astonishing reflexes. Due to God’s foresight, man’s eyelids automatically close when he sneezes. At the same time his soft palate opens wide to permit expulsion through the nasal passage. But it closes tightly when he goes to cough, in order to channel irritants out via the throat.

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