Christmas Specials

One Thing More I Ask

Dear God, another day is done

And I have seen the golden sun

Swing in the arch from east to west

And sink behind the pines to rest.

I thank Thee that Thou gavest me

The power of sight that I may see

The tinted glories of Thy skies,

An earthly glimpse of Paradise;

The Power to hear the evening breeze

Swelling in organ harmonies;

The power to fell the tender grasp

Of Loving hands in friendship’s clasp;

I thank Thee for these gifts to me;

But one thing more I ask of Thee:

From out Thy bounteous, gracious hand

Give me the power to understand,

To understand- to Sympathize –

To note the pain in others’ eyes;

To have the power rightly to read.

And this I humbly ask of Thee

Because I know Thou lovest me.


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