The Revolt against the Stomach (All Parts of the Body are to Live or Die Together) – AESOP’S FABLES

Aesop’s Fables (100 Copy Limited Edition)

The hands and feet and legs and arms

Joined forces to rebel

Against the stomach, which, they swore,

Was treated much too well.

While other organs could not eat,

They gave it all the bread and meat.

“Henceforth we’ll grant it not a bit!”

The angry members said.

And though it begged for but a crust,

They left it all unfed.

“So now,” they muttered, “we’ll be free

From ancient wrong and tyranny!”

But soon the arms grew weak and thin,

The legs could hardly walk,

The head complained, the tongue was limp

So it could scarcely talk.

“We’ll work together!” Came their cry.

“For pulled apart, we’re sure to die.”


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