The Horse, the Stag and the Man (If you use someone for your own purpose, they may wind up using you for theirs)

After a quarrel with a stag, the horse

Came to the man for aid.

“I’ll help you,” said the latter, “but, of course,

My rules must be obeyed.

To be your guide, upon your back I’ll sit,

And make for you saddle and a bit.”

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The horse agreed, and raced along the trail,

Bearing his new-won friend.

The stag, where arrows made a deadly hail,

Came swiftly to his end.

“Thanks!” said the horse. “And now, good comrade, pray

Take that stiff saddle and the bit away!”

The man just laughed. “Now that you’re caught,” said he,

“Why should I let you slip

Out of my grasp? You’ll take commands from me,

or feel the crackling whip!”

The horse thus learned that those we plan on using

Themselves may do some scheming and abusing.

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