Hospice & Palliative Care

Learning about Hospice Care as Naive (Reading & Sharing)

This is an X year old man/woman with the hospice diagnosis of Y, and comorbidities of Z. … …

Hospice care is a specialized care specifically tailored to terminally ill patients, who no longer receive curative treatments but aim at providing symptom management for patients with terminal illnesses and support for their families. Hospice patients can receive the Medicare hospice benefit. End-of-life concerns are addressed in a holistic manner, in which patients receive skilled palliative care intervention, and as in hospice settings, the patient and family are considered to be the unit of care. Hospice care can be delivered in the patient’s home, an inpatient hospice unit, a long-term care facility, or other settings. Bereavement services are provided for up to 1 year after the death of the patient.

Resource: Fast Facts for the Hospice (2017)

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