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SwimLanes Diagram/ Nursing Informatics Review

20180308_2230511944831193.jpgAs a project manager, the informatics nurse may use a swim lane diagram (Rumm-ler-Brache) to show the processes and individual/ departmental responsibilities. The horizontal rows indicate individuals/ departments and both horizontal and vertical lines and arrows are used to show the workflow separating tasks, which are named in rectangles on the horizontal planes. The diagram clearly indicates steps to the processes and responsible individuals. Before creating the swimlanes diagram, it is necessary to determine the purpose and the process or processes to focus on.

  • a swim-lane technique uses categories such as functional work groups and roles to visually depict groups of work and to indicate who performs the work.
  • the resulting map shows how workflow and data transition to clinicians and can demonstrate areas of potential process and information breakdown.
  • there is a tendency for individuals who participate in process redesign sessions to describe workflow as they believe it to be occurring, rather than not how it really is.
  • the informatics expert and /or the process team facilitator should determine what is really happening, however, and capture that information accurately. –> the goal using a swim-lane diagram is to capture enough details to accurately portray the process as it is happening today.

Activity diagrams may be used to construct test plans when

  1. It helps to understand the activities of a use case
  2. The flow of control is complex
  3. There is a need to model workflow
  4. All scenarios need to be shown.

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