The Hares and the Frogs – AESOP’S FABLES (however unfortunate we may think we are there is always someone worse off than ourselves / our own are not the only troubles)

“Alas! Alas!” exclaimed the hares,

“We live in trembling dread

Of men and foxes, wolves and bears –

We would be better dead!”


So saying, with long bounds and leaps

They hurried to lake,

For surely, in the cool, wet deeps,

No fear would ever wake.


But as they ran, they saw the fridht

Of frantic things beyond,

When frogs, before their racing might,

Plunged headlong in a pond.


“Ah,” said the hares, “it’s plain to see.

We must endure and seek.

However frail our kind may be,

Others are still more weak!”



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