The Lion in Love – AESOP’S FABLES (love can blind even the wildest)

A lion loved a human maid,

And asked her father for her hand.

And he, unwilling, but afraid

The suitor might misunderstand

A cold, discourteous “I refuse!”

Planned to foil him with a ruse.



“My girl is but a tender thing

Your teeth and claws might hurt,” he said.

“But let me pull them, noble King,

And I will gladly bid you wed.”

the lovesick lion grunted, “Yes!”,

Since love consents to all distress.


Clawless and toothless, he declared,

“Now I will take my promised bride!”

“Try it, you brute!” the father dared,

And laughed as though to split his side.

For small respect will honor those

Who yield their weapons to their foes.


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