THE MISER AND HIS GOLD – AESOP’S FABLES (wealth not used is wealth that does not exist)

Each day, with fond and burning eyes,

A miser would behold

The buried chest that held his prize,

A mass of glittering gold.


And then one night he waked to find

His treasure snatched away.

“O cruel fate! O most unkind!”

He howled in his dismay.

“Life might as well have struck me blind

Or downed me in the fray!”


While forth his lamentations poured,

A friend appraised the cost.

“You never would have spent your hoard,

So tell me, what is lost?”


“It’s true,” he said and scanned the hole

That once had held his store.

“Yes, yes it’s true, upon my soul,”

He laughed, and wept no more.




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