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Do You Know The First Success Blood Transfusion was from lamb to a Boy in 1667?

For centuries, doctors tried to save patients’ lives by blood transfusion:

1667: French doctor Jean Denys, carries out the first blood transfusion from a lamb to a boy. The boy survives.

1829: English physician, James Blundell, the first doctor to save patients’ life by transferring blood from one patient to another.

1901: Austrian physician, Karl Landsteiner, discovers human has different blood types.  And realizes blood transfusions fail because two different blood types can not mix properly thus patient quickly dies.

1914: a new storage chemical developed to help store blood, thus, new blood can be given to patients whenever they need it.
(unable to focus in reading textbook, grabbed a book near by, found something very interesting, and would like to share)

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