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Tinea Versicolor / Reading and Sharing

Image result for tinea versicolorTinea Versicolor, also called pityriasis versicolor (Wolff, 2017, figure 26-24), is one of the most common skin diseases in tropical and subtropical areas of the world. It is noted, that people in tropical areas get Tinea versicolor year-round. The disease consists of yeast in the skin that grows out of control. Symptoms can be lighter or darker spot or areas, they can have a coloring of white, pink, salmon, red, tan or brown. You can find them anywhere on the body and they can be dry or scaly, they do cause the skin to be itchy (American Academy of Dermatology Association [AAD], 2017, p. 1).  They can become more prominent when you are tan, grows slowly, can grow together and disappears when temperatures drop. Very prominent in spring and/or summer with warm and humid environment.

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