Nursing Informatics

Usability Testing (Reading & Sharing)

Usability: deals with specific issues of human performance during computer interactions for specific tasks within a particular contest.

  • refers to how well the information system product was designed for users to learn as well as to use.
  • refers to how the system allows users to carry out their tasks safely, effectively, and pleasantly.
  • is related to the human-centered design that is characterized by the active involvement of users and the clear understanding of user and task requirements

Usability testing: creating realistic clinical scenarios to which end users are asked to apply configured electronic tools, using the hardware that will be used in production.

The usability of a system can be measured by:

  • Effectiveness (can users successfully achieve their objectives?)
  • Efficiency (how much effort and resource are expended in achieving those objectives?)
  • Satisfaction (was the experience considered satisfactory?)

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Nursing Informatics

Testing and End-user Acceptance / Nursing Informatics Review

The primary reason for conducting end-user testing is to identify errors. Testing is carried out by end-users to ensure that the computer system functions correctly and meets the organization’s needs. The analysis may include asking end-users to carry out specific tests, interviews with users, questionnaires regarding usability, comparative testing with users comparing work on two different systems, direct observation (audio/ video feeds). computer-generated data may be evaluated for accuracy and errors.

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