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Today’s Textbook Readings: Theory of Andragogy – the Education of Adults

Today’s Textbook Readings:

Billings, D. & Halstead, J. A. (2012) Teaching in Nursing -A Guide for Faculty (4th ed.) p 220-225

Andragogy: the education of adults

-(In contrast to Pedagogy: the education of children)

Malcolm Knowles developed the theory of andragogy in relation to adult learners, with the intention to help understand how adults learn. From psychological perspective, Knowles explained that adults are self-concept, increasingly self-directing, and being responsible for their own life, thus, their motivation to learn is internal, it may rise from curiosity, but their readiness to learn develops from life tasks and problems, and their orientation to learning is task centered or problem centered.

Knowles acknowledged that adult learners have experiences from the past, in which serve as a rich resource for their own and other’s learning, therefore, it should be take into consideration that how previously learned knowledge and experience influence new learning process.
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