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Headaches 头疼

Neurologic System: According to Ferri (2018), headaches: can be cluster, migraines, or tension

Cluster Headaches: 丛集性头痛

Headaches that have a sudden onset, severe in pain. It can affect orbital, supraorbital, temporal, or any combination of sites, that is unilateral in location. Cluster headaches have a duration of 15 mins to 2 hours. Frequency can be from every other day to several times per day. Patients will often express a feeling of agitation during that time of an attack.

Incidence/ Prevalence: Only occurs in a small percentage of the population (0.05-1%). This occurs in males five times more than females between the ages of 20-40. May be inherited in up to 20% of cases.

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Headaches /Reading and Sharing

According to Dunphy, Winland-Brown, Porter, & Thomas (2015), headaches are classified into four groups including tension, migraine and cluster, muscle contraction and vascular, and inflammatory. Assessing a patient’s history can assist the healthcare provider in determining if the headaches are benign versus that which requires immediate attention. Banting & Meriano (2017), state that dangerous causes of headaches include those occurring with trauma, infectious, malignant, hemorrhagic, vasculitis, or special circumstances, such as after diving, foreign travel, or exposure to carbon monoxide. Decompensating or altered gait, mental status changes, or descriptors of sudden headaches being thunderclap in nature or the worst headache ever, also require immediate and further investigation.

Cluster Headaches:

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