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Eczema / Reading and Sharing

Atopic dermatitis, also known as eczema, is the most common dermatological diagnosis. It is an inflammation of the skin that results in a red, itchy rash normally on the cheeks arms and legs. It is characterized by pruritic, erythematous, and scaly skin lesions often localized to the flexural surfaces of the body. It can present with asthma and allergic rhinitis as part of an allergic triad (Berke, Singh & Guralnick, 2012).

The incidence and prevalence of this skin disorders is that it affects nearly 33 million Americans every year, mostly children. Approximately 5-25 cases per 1000 cases per year affecting children more than any other age group especially under age 5 (Ferri, 2017). The highest incidence is among children (10% to 20%) and accounts for 4% of acute care pediatric visits. It effects 1-3% of the adult population. Onset is usually before age 5 and there is a major correlation of eczema and asthma and allergic rhinitis by age 13.

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