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Bell’s palsy 贝尔氏面神经麻痹 (Reading & Sharing)

Incidence & Prevalence

            Bell’s palsy is a condition when one side of the face becomes paralysis for unknown reasons (Winland-Brown & Keller, 2015).  It occurs suddenly in otherwise healthy people. It affects sexes equally with the median age being 40 (Ferri, 2018). The main people being affected are people less than 70 years old and pregnant woman usually in the third trimester or first week postpartum (Ferri, 2018). It also can affect more people with diabetes or has had an upper respiratory infection or flu affecting 40,000 Americans each year (National Institute of Health [NIH], 2017).

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Bell’s palsy / Reading and Sharing

Bell’s palsy is a medical disease that has a cause of an unknown origin. It can be very scary for many patients as it results in one sided facial paralysis which can mirror stroke symptoms at first glance (Hultcrantz, 2016). If affects nearly 25-30 people per 100,000 per year and about 70% of all cases have their facial movement restored. It affects males and females equally with an average age of 70 years old. Some of the risk factors are older age, pregnancy and diabetes and it is believed that Bell Palsy is caused by viral inflammation and immune response (Ferri, 2017).

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