Helen Steiner Rice (Read & Share)

Birthdays are a Gift from God

Where does time go in its endless flight–

Spring turns to fall and day to night,

And birthdays come and birthdays go

And where they go we do not know …


But God who planned our life on earth

And gave our mind and body birth

And then enclosed a living soul

With heaven as the spirit’s goal


Has given man the gift of choice

To follow that small inner voice

That speaks to us from year to year

Reminding us we’ve naught to fear…


For birthdays are a stepping-stone

To endless joys as yet unknown,

So fill each day with happy things

And may your burdens all take wings

And fly away and leave behind

Great joy of heart and peace of mind…


For birthdays are the gateway to

An endless life of joy for you

If you but pray from day to day

That he will show you the Truth and the Way.

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