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Ergonomics (Reading & Sharing)

Ergonomics is the science of designing a work environment so that it is convenient to use and does not prove injurious to health. It is used in the United States to describe the design and implementation of equipment, tools, and machines related to human safety, comfort, and convenience.

  • It is the study and design of a work environment that maximizes productivity by reducing operator fatigue and discomfort.
  • It considers physical stresses placed on joints, muscles, nerves, and tendons as well as environmental factors that can affect hearing and vision.
  • Poor setup of computer equipment leads to somatic complaints that include headaches, eyestrain, irritation, stress, fatigue, and neck and back pain.

Two health problems associated with poor ergonomics:

  • Computer vision syndrome
  • Repetitive motion disorders or Repetitive stress injuries
    • Carpal tunnel syndrome


Examples related to ideal setting:

  • Considering computer ergonomics, when a person is using the computer, the top of the computer should be approximately at eye level. The monitor should be placed directly in front of the user to avoid neck twisting. (***Laptops, under most conditions, violate all ergonomic requirements for computers***)
  • Resolution of a computer screen is important. but the higher the resolution, the easier the screen is on the eyes. It is also important to prevent glare on the screen. In situations where this is impossible, it is possible to purchase screen filters that will cut down the glare.
  • The best chairs have adequate support for the outward curve of the lumbar spine and the inward curve of the thoracic spine. Studies have shown that a 100 to 110 reclined position is better than an upright posture.
  • The feet should be flat on the floor, or a footrest should be provided.
  • Wrists, knuckles, and the top of the forearm should fall into a straight line while typing. to promote circulation to the lower arm and hand, the elbow angle should be open. Both these can be accomplished with a negative tilt keyboard.


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