Great Poetry

如梦令 – 李清照 Li Qingzhao




Remember that in the pavilion bridge the stream, under the twilight, indulged in the beautiful scenery and forget the way home. After the feast, everyone is flourishing, very pleasantly riding the boat at night quickly turned the bow, but unexpectedly went the wrong way into and surrounded by the blooming lotus bushes. How do I get out? How do I get out? suddenly surprised and startled a beach of gulls.

last night the rain was sparse and the wind blew very hard.  Although I slept all night, there is still a slight feeling of intoxicated from the residual drunk. Ask the maid who’s rolling the curtain: How’s the sea otter flower? She said the flowers are still the same as they used to be. You know? You know? Should be lush green leaves and red flowers withering.

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