Nature: Butterflies and Moths

Acmon Blue 阿克蒙蓝/ Plebeius acmon (Family Lycaenidae, Blues and Hairstreaks)

The Acmon Blue is told immediately from other related species by the lovely orange and black-spotted band inside the margin of the high wing. The male is lighter blue color than the female, which also has considerable brown color. These delicate little blue butterflies flit gently among the grasses and flowers of meadows and gardens, usually fluttering so helplessly that they are easy to catch. They do have one protection against birds and that is by lighting on a grass stem and folding the wings. The sudden disappearance of the blue color of the upper wings, being replaced by the lighter colors of the undersides must be confusing to a bird, even though the butterfly does not become completely camouflaged.

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Acmon Blue ranges wherever there are grasslands from the Pacific Coast to eastern Nebraska and Texas. It has many different color forms, some even being greenish in color, but all having the orange band. The caterpillars are rather ugly yellowish and black creatures, covered with thin, short hairs, and having a green stripe down the back. They feed on such plants as trefoil, locoweed, umbrella plant, Hosackia, and so forth, eating the flowers and the tips of the delicate leaves.

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