The Boy and the Wolf / 放羊的孩子与狼 (狼来了) / Be honest. Don’t lie!

Aesop’s Fables (1867)

“Wolf! Wolf!” a shepherd body would shout,

And thought it glorious fun

When rescuers, with knives and swords,

Would come upon the run.

And how he’d laugh, when hunting wolves,

They found not even one!


And then one day the prowling beast

At last was real, was real!

“Wolf!” yelled the lad. “Oh, save me, friends!”

And wildly took to heel.

They thought it but another trick —

So he made the wolf a meal.


And thus he showed, for all the world,

Liars are less than wise.

Although they utter heaven’s truth,

None will believe their cries.

Men everywhere will still declare

All that they say is lies.


“Whatever you do, be honest. Don’t lie. Be an honest child. Lying will lose the trust of others, and ultimately hurt ourselves! Therefore, we must learn to tell the truth from an early age, treat others sincerely.”

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