Nature: Butterflies and Moths

Fiery Skipper 船长蝴蝶 (Family Hesperidae, Skippers)

This delightful little butterfly of the warm states, from Nebraska, Connecticut, and California south through all the tropics of America, sometimes flames like yellow-orange fire in the sunlight as it skips from flower to flower. The bright wings are brightened still more by sharp yellow rays that extend along the veins of the hind wings, making each butterfly look like a rayed sun of light. Another distinguishing feature is the very short antennae, each with a little slightly curved club.

How happy is this little skipper as it flies and swirls about in the warm summer air! Powerful muscles hurl it skyward at the slightest movement of a net in the collector’s hand, and yet, if you stand still, it may come and cockily light on your shoulder or your hand or your nose! Sometimes, when a man has been working hard in the fields, the Fiery Skipper may come to light on his sweat-stained back and partake of some of the salt.

You know by his bright colors that the Fiery Skipper is a lower of wide open places and much sunlight, and, as you suspect, the female skipper lays her eggs among the grasses. There the tiny caterpillars grow up looking very much like the plants on which they live.

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